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Sipping and snapping at OzAsia’s Bubble Tea Garden

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

All images: Lara Pacillo

Andreas Hendarto and Ang Puniapati

OzAsia took things to a whole new level this year introducing a Bubble Tea Garden to the festival. SNAP/SNAP joined in on the fun of the event and got very creative with it too.

The Bubble Tea Garden was held at Festival Plaza for a two-day event on November 5 and 6, just a short stroll from the iconic Lucky Dumpling Market that’s held at Elder Park every year.

Ella-Rose Simmons and Arnav Gubda

The event celebrated all things bubble tea, with flavours of all kinds on offer across the cluster of market stalls.

If you’re not already familiar, the popular Taiwanese drink is a combination of tea with milk or fruit flavouring and chewy tapioca balls (known as ‘boba’ or ‘pearls’) throughout.

There were exclusive varieties to try at the garden and bubble tea merch to buy, as well as family friendly games to keep the crew entertained.

With the glorious sun shining across the whole weekend, the garden was the perfect place to soak in the spring rays with a bubble tea in hand to keep cool and refreshed.

Jason Tran and Lisa Nguyen

Amongst the market stalls and games, our SNAP/SNAP team had our GIFBOOTH setup adding to the entertainment. We had fun with our offerings for this event playing with colour, movement, and digital props.

Our GIFBOOTH generates photos that are printed on the spot, as well as still and moving pictures that are instantly sent to users via text and are also accessible through an online gallery.

For both print and digital versions, we used bright pops of colours with orange, green and pink prints. We also created a bubble tea face tracking digital prop that users could interact with for their snaps.

The frame we created encompassed the vibe of the event with a smiley bubble tea and wavy leaves along the border, as well as the OzAsia Festival logo at the bottom centre.

On the digital boomerang GIF content, we painstakingly animated these elements to sway and bounce. We liked the concept of the once stationary frame to suddenly come to life in the boomerang content.

We worked together with LUMENATI Studio to create custom signage for the event ensuring the same graphic/branding was used across the event. The neon pink signs glowed bright at both entrances of the event, welcoming bubble tea lovers into the garden.

The Bubble Tea Garden was such a cool event to flex our creativity with, and a delicious one too!

Get in touch with us to organise one of our photobooths with custom prints at your next event, and check out LUMENATI Studio for made-to-order or pre-made neon lights that will brighten up any setting.

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