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ROAMING GIFBOOTH: Adelaide University refreshes AUU with new YouX brand

The University of Adelaide (a long-time and beloved client of ours) reached out to us this year to come up with an innovative way of providing some fun to the new class of 2023 whilst also introducing the new rebrand of the Adelaide University Union (or AUU) now known as YouX. We had some discussions and decided a ROAMING GIFBOOTH package would be the best choice logistically and strategically.

This is what happened:

We added the YouX branding to our roaming GIFBOOTH - Keith is prepped and ready to take some amazing snaps.

Booth users were able to retrieve their digital images by typing in their mobile number, they also received a physical print.

We customised the SMS to say "Start your 2023 Uni adventure in style with O'Week!" - this was consistent with the copy on the flyers for the event.

Here are some great branded shots at the dedicated photo area.

The best part about our ROAMING GIFBOOTH is that our amazing experience assistants can take photos from essentially anywhere - our printer connects to the capturing device wirelessly via the cloud so guests can retrieve both digital and physical prints.

And of course we produced some great GIF content for sharing on socials.

This is the custom micro-site and digital gallery we designed for YouX, we preserved the branding guidelines and even added the footer from the official website - you can see this on the last image.

Like every year, the University of Adelaide puts on an absolute great time for all attendees, there were so many activities for all of the new students and prospects, we can't wait to be a part of all of it again next year. Thanks again for having us YouX!

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