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Case Study: Aje Vogue Festival Brand Activation

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Client Objective

For Vogue Festival 2021, Aje wanted a photo-booth focused brand activation to cause a stir and raise awareness around their new 'Scent of Summer' range. They were quite open to ideas, so long as the they had printed photos and cool content generated by their customers in store.

Our Recommendation

A GIFBOOTH package with one of our promo-staff to encourage booth users to maximise the amount of content generated. Heavy campaign focused branding. Synergistic efforts between Aje staff and our SNAP/SNAP support staff – Aje staff would direct customers to the photo-booth after their purchase.

What We Did

Campaign Video User-Interface Wallpaper

We created a fully custom branded user interface for Aje using a promotional campaign video from their 'Scent of Summer' collection. We kept consistent font-types from their website and branding. This video wall-paper played on loop during the entire duration of their event.

Minimal Watermark Overlay for GIFS

We used minimal coverage overlay branding to make the content more social media friendly for posting as this was our main priority for digital user generated content.

Framed Overlay for Stills and Prints, with 'Scent of Summer' Imagery

We were supplied with a few different 'Scent of Summer' images from Aje

We took the most suitable image and incorporated it into our print/still image template with the Aje logo, their chosen hashtag and their instagram handle.

Customised SMS Message

We focused our sms branding on the campaign level for Aje, to remind their customers of the day they had at the Vogue Festival.

Fully Customised Aje Branded Microsite Gallery

Campaign Slogan on Image Retrieval + Backlink to the Aje Website

Aje has a slogan for their 'Scent of Summer' collection - 'Step into the mood, feeling and metaphor of summer' - This slogan is presented to our guests every time they digitally retrieve their images via the sms link.

And Aje logo at the top? It's actually a button. A button that links straight to the new Aje collection we are promoting!

SNAP/SNAP Promo Staff

Our promo-staff assisted Aje customers with their poses and introduced them to all of the types of content they could produce with our powerful GIFBOOTH. Oh hey there Leah!

"We were so impressed with what SNAP/SNAP was able to produce in such a short amount of time, the level of detail and care from a marketing perspective that was put into the campaign was astonishing"

The Results

Our low profile GIFBOOTH was able to fit into the store's aesthetic with ease, and brought many smiles to Aje staff and customers. In 3 days we were able to produce a decent amount of unique user-generated content for Aje as well as leave their customers with a printed memento to place on their fridge, desk or whiteboard. With so much happening in Rundle Mall, we were glad that we could create some excitement at Aje located a stone's throw away on Rundle St.

If you would like to cause a stir at your next brand activation please feel free to send us a message through the contact form below!

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