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5 Reasons Why Your Office Party Needs a Photo-Booth

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Photo-booths are a fantastic addition to any party, but there a number of reasons why they will make your office party the talk of the office-ing world. We’ve narrowed it down to the top five reasons which will have you wanting to book a photo-booth STAT.

1) Convenient photos for when you’re too lit to take a selfie

Most of us know that feeling when you’re trying to take a nice group photo before hitting the town, but you’re a few champers and beers deep and every photo is turning out blurry due to the ol’ drunkard sway - not ideal. Booking a photo-booth for your next office party will allow you to have as many beverages as you please, rest assured the photo-booth will be standing perfectly still and won’t accidentally be capturing lovely images of the ground instead of you and your friends.

2) Capture your co-worker at their worst

Speaking of selfies, photo-booths allow for instant, hard copies of embarrassing pics of your co-workers. This means you can immortalise those cringe-worthy images for all of eternity, stick them on the office board or fridge and subsequently use them for some (and I cannot stress this enough) light-hearted blackmail. Plus, reminiscing over the cursed (but wonderful) photo-booth pics will come in handy when you’re sitting with your colleagues in the break room, right?

3) Show your boss you have a personality

There’s a ‘work you’ and an ‘out of work you’, there’s no doubt about it. Things can get tense in office environments - you want to impress the boss and you’re on your best behaviour deep in concentration, ‘cause you know, you don’t want to get the sack - fair enough. It can be hard to show your true self in front of your superiors, but reeling in a photo-booth can be just the right about of fun to show your boss you have a personality. There will be silly props flying all over the place, banter being tossed across the room, and most important, a special kind of team building which you just can’t get without a photo-booth. If you know, you know.

4) A smooth ‘in’

Is there a co-worker you’ve had your eye on for a while, but haven’t quite summoned up the courage to ask them out for a coffee date? Well this might just be your opportunity to ease into the daunting conversation over some instant photos and laughs, opposed to awkwardly standing around the office water cooler - the epitome of romance. You’ll be able to show your fun side within a team environment, and who knows - maybe this will be your first ever photo together that you’ll be able to show the grandkids one day.

5) And lastly, to bring everyone together

You may or may not have a strong bond with all of your co-workers. Maybe you have more of an ‘acquainted hallway hello’ work relationship, but that can all be changed. Photo-booths have the ability to bring everyone together - they’re like a team building experience, just way more fun of course. Put aside your differences, bond with colleagues you wouldn’t usually, form a new friendship, and create an extremely wholesome office environment where everyone can truly feel included through the medium of flash photography a.k.a. a photo-booth.

Anyway, if you're looking for a photo-booth for your party, you know where to find us ;)

We’ll make sure your office party photos are a stress-free ordeal, and our team will be there to guide you through the digital process (after a few drinks) if need be.

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