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Six Reasons Why Photo-Booths And Photographers Are NOT The Same

No event is truly complete without at least one form of photo technology present to capture your special moments. Whether it’s your uncle Bob with his old school SLR camera, or a hired professional photographer, or a photo-booth. Each of these mediums are unique in their own special way and equally important components of events, and we’re here to break down the differences between a photo-booth and a photographer. Even if you’ve already hired a photographer to capture your special moments, a photo-booth might just be the great addition to your event that we all want and need.

Here are six reasons why photo-booths and photographers are NOT the same:

1. Locating your photo-booth vs. photographer

It’s hard enough to navigate your way around an event space when you’re blind drunk as it is - whack on trying to locate a photographer and you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle. When you hire a photo-booth, it will remain in the same location throughout your event, so you won’t need to go on a manhunt for the roaming photographer to capture a snap of you and your pals. You can jump right to it and snap away at your own free will, with the assurance that it will be stationary; patiently waiting for your shenanigans upon your request - kinda like a genie in a bottle, but more like a camera in a booth.

2. Over-utilising your photo-booth vs. photographer

Speaking of requests - you can use a photo-booth as often as you please without having to feel guilty about nagging a photographer every ten minutes to get the perfect shot for the ‘Gram. A photo-booth will never judge your selfie tendencies and you won’t have to worry about being that person. There are certain dangers when getting too many shots from a photographer too; such as endless, potentially dreadful, drunken images which could end up online for the world to see…more importantly they might pop up on your crush’s newsfeed - anarchy prevails! You can keep your photo-booth images all to yourself if you please, and subsequently post the one which really highlights your good side.

3. Freedom to pose how you want with your photo-booth vs. photographer

Now if you truly do enjoy a good ol’ photo shoot, you’ll most likely express yourself true to character in front of a photo-booth compared to a photographer. Wanna lick your mate’s shoulder? Sure, go for it! Wanna host a romantic shoot with your loved one? Sure, go for it! Wanna give your sibling a hummus facial? Sure, go for it! Anything goes really and you can do so behind the seclusion of a photo-booth, instead of in the middle of the dance floor. And hey, who knows - if you’re just getting to know someone, it’s a great way to exhibit your personality.

4. Physical copies of your images with a photo-booth vs. photographer

We’ve all been there - you’re waiting eagerly for the photos from an event to be uploaded and shared online, and you’re positive that the photographer snapped that best gosh darn image of you and your buddy that you’ve ever seen, absolute fire! You’re thereafter scrolling through the online album to witness this utter beauty, but wait, where is it, why didn’t the photographer upload the photo?! A true modern tragedy. With a photo-booth you are assured of receiving physical, instant print-outs of your selfie works of art. Additionally, physical copies of family and friends and becoming a rarity, you know, with everything nowadays being stored online or on your phone. Photo-booths provide keepsakes which can last a lifetime - compared of a bunch of pixels which could potentially be lost forever at the click of a button.

5. Photo-booths are an activity, photographers are not

A gathering around a photo-booth can create an atmosphere of laughter and love, and encapsulates a special way of bringing people together. Making (friendly) fun of your mates, family and colleagues is definitely an activity in our books - especially when A4 sized digital displays of them are briefly flaunted on screen before being printed out. With the addition of props, you and your guests will be entertained for hours on end. Photo-booths are a great activity for those who aren’t drinking, or don’t want to dance, or for those who can’t engage in said dangerous pursuits (the oldies). It’s a safe kind of fun that can be enjoyed by everyone…unless you’re a party pooper or The Grinch.

6. Singular images vs. multiple images

Generally a photographer will take a singular image of you and your mates; you can either make it a ‘nice photo’ or a ‘silly photo’ - someone usually takes lead at this point and yells one of those options out. Whereas with a photo-booth, you’ll typically have an array of photos taken amidst a countdown. With this system you can have your nice photos and silly photos all in one! Plus you can see on the photo-booth screen in front of you the vibe of the image, a.k.a. you can see what everyone else in the photo is doing and decide if you want to pull a nice cheesy grin or go cross-eyed.

All in all, I think we can agree that both photo-booths and photographers are two totally different beasts; both effective in their own distinctive ways. Both a photo-booth and photographer can go hand in hand to enhance your event and make it the talk of the town for years to come. If you’re reading this and are quietly keen to hire a photo-booth, yet somewhat confused how to operate one, never fear - SNAP/SNAP can provide an attendant to do all the hard work. All you need to do is bring the smiles. See you at your next event!

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