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COVID-19 and how it effects your Photo-Booth hire

COVID-19 or “The Bloody Coronavirus” as we like to call it, has had a major impact on all of our lives, drastically changing the way we conduct our regular day to day activities. But how does it effect your photo-booth hire?

Us “photo-booth” suppliers have been left in a grey area with COVID-19 safety plan rules. We’re essentially strictly an equipment hire business but we work extremely closely within the wedding industry, yet we’re not a venue. Which means we’re not required to be responsible for the maximum capacity of guests (that’s out of our control), and because we’re simply supplying the equipment, the social distancing part is maintained by the COVID Marshal of the venue.

Apart from our legal obligations, what changes have we made to ensure that you and your guests will be as safe as possible at your event whilst using our machines?

1. Hand Sanitiser Provided

We will have a bottle of hand sanitiser included with all of our hires to be placed on a table near the machine. It’s recommended that you and your guests use the hand sanitiser before and after interacting with the machine to reduce the risk of transferring bacteria and viruses from one user to the next.

2. Prop-Less Hire

We’ve decided to go prop-less whilst the government still deems the virus as an on-going threat to our community. As a company, SNAP/SNAP has always been an advocate for hygiene (you can check our homepage which has remained unchanged since the outbreak started), hence why we don’t supply wearable props such as hats or feather boas in any of our packages. We provided handheld props only, and they’re usually sanitized before each of our events. But this only ensures that the props are germ-free at the beginning of the event, and the risk for transferring bacteria between sessions is quite high, so we’ve decided to remove them. You’ll still be able to capture fun photos with our super high fidelity studio-esk set-ups, so nothing has changed here.

3. One-Touch Operation

We’ve changed the settings on our software so that you only need to touch the screen once before your photo-booth session can begin, as opposed to the two touch “Touch to Begin” followed by the “Pick Your Colour Effect Screen”. This limits the amount of times the surface is touched and as a result lowers the likelihood of transferring unwanted bugs. This does mean that our old option to have your prints in black and white has been temporarily disabled, but we think it’s a necessary compromise to make everyone feel more comfortable using the machine.

So that’s it! These are the steps that we have taken to make sure you, your guests and your venue feel safe with your photo-booth fun. However please keep in mind that we all share a responsibility to take care of each other as a community and we should be following our state premier’s safety instructions with all of our social interactions. Please remember to socially distance and not to dance at your event (yes, we hate this rule as well, but I digress) and we’ll keep doing what SNAP/SNAP does best to make sure you get the best photo-booth experience possible.

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