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Case Study: Puff&Pop New Store Launch Party

Client Objective

Our client Puff&Pop had a brand activation with GirlAboutTown in a limited space venue and with minimal power points and asked us if they could have a photo printing solution for their event.

Our Recommendation

We recommended our GIFBOOTH with no backdrop and the printer section to be placed at the counter near the closest power point. With our wireless connection, the GIFBOOTH and the printer do not need to be in the same space. This solved the issue of having no power point near where the photos were being taken. The GIFBOOTH was set up using a battery system so did not need to be plugged in. We recommended a fully branded experience with one of their promotional videos being used as the dynamic wallpaper for the booth. As well as branding the still images and gif with different templates, both consistent with the Puff&Pop colour scheme and branding guidelines. Inspiration for the still template to be taken from the GirlAboutTown invitation. Custom balloon related props were also a great option in the same colour scheme and vibe of the business. A custom microsite to be built using the font and colours from the Puff&Pop website.

What We Did

Video User-Interface Wallpaper

A dynamic background from the Puff&Pop spring range was added to the background including the Puff&Pop logo in white as an overlay. The “Select an option to begin” text was created using the Puff&Pop signature font “Poppin” to keep brand consistency.

@daniadey, an ambassador of Puff&Pop was featured in the video.

Custom Digital Props

We painstakingly created custom balloon themed digital face tracking props to strengthen the brand consistency of Puff&Pop. All props were designed in a similar pink to the Puff&Pop colour scheme. We also added a few popular 8-bit speech bubble props from our core collection.

Event Level Customised Branded Print Template

In order to create a diverse but brand consistent theme, we chose to create two different templates for GIFs and Stills. Inspiration was drawn from the GirlAboutTown invitation which was sent out to all guests invited to the exclusive event.

Brand Level Custom Branded GIF Template

For the GIF template we decided to keep it familiar to the brand identity of Puff&Pop. Using their signature pink background with their grey and white logo.

Custom Branded Microsite

We jumped onto the Puff&Pop website for inspiration and emulated the same colour scheme to maintain brand identity, with the Puff&Pop logo being a back-link to their main website where customers can make direct purchases.

One of the objectives of the event was to encourage shared user generated content in exchange for a chance to win a $250 gift voucher from Puff&Pop. This competition’s instructions were added to the digital content retrieval screen to encourage users to post their digital content for Puff&Pop.

Customised Text Message

We decided to keep this simple and non-repetitive. This customised sms image retrieval message simply thanked Puff&Pop launch attendees for visiting the event.

"I literally called SNAP/SNAP so early at the morning of the launch date and wasn't expecting too much given the short time frame but they really blew us away with their attention to detail. The package was designed down to the tee and was absolutely perfect for our launch party"

Ivy Buy - Puff&Pop Creative Director

The Results

Our client was absolutely swept away by the detail added by our graphics team. They only wanted a simple Photo-Booth solution but we were very well aware of how important this opportunity was for booth users to understand the brand identity of Puff&Pop. For their short hire duration of their hire period of two hours. We were able to create a huge amount of branded user generated content with custom props as well as fulfilling the needs of our client whilst supplying quick, high quality, branded prints without taking up their much needed physical real estate.

You can check out Puff&Pops cool range of interior deco and party hire options at their new location 274 Findon Rd, Findon SA 5023 or by visiting their website at

If you loved what we did for Puff&Pop's launch party, send us a message by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

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